Lipofilling. Procedure and the method itself

images-6A procedure of fat transfer (also known as fat grafting).
The procedure itself

Lipofilling is a procedure that has been done in order to correct esthetic defects,using patients’own fat as a permanent filler from one body’s area into another. The present procedure is quite mild treatment that allows avoiding the reaction to a foreign material, because patients’ own fat is used as permanent filler.

The fat can be accessed easily as it is situated under the patients’ skin. Lipofilling is a minimally invasive treatment with minimal discomfort and minimal risks. If it is needed, patient s could repeat the treatment without any risks for themselves.

The fat is considered to be as one of the most important component  that is used for soft tissues correction.  The fat covers neurovascular structures, protects sinews and muscles, rings the lymph glands round, supports thermoregulation, endocrines processes and forms the body contour.

What can you do choosing a lipofilling procedure:zones-lipofilling

  • To restore face skin elasticity; to fill wrinkles or to decrease its number
  • To correct deep expression wrinkles
  • To emphasize and fill lips
  • To correct chinс
  • To emphasize cheeks


  • To augument breastу
  • To correct breast forms


  • To correct bottocks forms
  • To augument buttocks (so called brazilian butt lift)


  • To change legs shape
  • To increase shin-bone and hips

In case of other defects :

  • To fill any defects
  • Other opportunities

Lipofilling is a popular and an excellent procedure in the field of aesthetic medicine. Lipofilling helps to cope with different defects that may appear as well as helps to improve patients figure.

Procedure and the method itselfschermafbeelding_2015-05-20_om_09-42-34

The fat is harvested from the excess fat areas. After that the fat cells are injected into deficient area.

The procedure itself does not need a surgical intervention as well as visible scars are not left after the treatment. Fat cells collection is performed through small incisions in the areas of fat harvesting such as: belly, hips, and buttocks.patients are often afraid of the fact that they do not have enough fat to get the desired result, but according to our experience even thin people have enough fat cells for transplantation.

Lipofilling is often combined with liposuction, it helps to achieve an excellent aesthetic outcome and helps to improve patients’ figure.

The fat is harvested with a special cannula that prevents the damage of overlying tisuues and fat cells. Then the fat is filtered. After filtering, the fat cells are injected into the deficient area.

Transplated fat cells are combined with a blood flow in order to get oxygen and nutritions through it. New shape will be safed for a long time.
the use of patients’ own fat exclude the allergy.

Which type of anaesthesia is needed?
Lipofilling can be performed under either local or general anaesthesia. The following facts should be taken in consideration while choosing anaesthesia:

  • Fat number that is needed for transplantation
  • The size of the treated area
  • Lipofilling and liposuction combination
  • Patient’s personal wishes

Our surgeons always pay attention to patients’ wishes while choosing the type of anaesthesia. But it is recommended to do a local anaesthesia if the treated areas are not large the procedure itself does not take much time. Local anaesthesia does not include the risks the general anaesthesia has.

How much time does it take the post-operative period?

Lipofilling is considered to be as a less traumatic procedure. As lipofilling procedure does not need any post treatment, there is no need to stay in a hospital. Most of patients go home at the same day. Swelling can be experienced after the procedure, but it disappears in 6-7 days. Most of our patients turn to everyday life within 3-5 days after the treatment. In case of fat transplantation only 60-70% of transplanted fat cells are viable as a result more fat is transplanted  than is needed. The final result of the lipoffiling will be noticed in 4-5 months after the procedure has been performed.

Complications that may appear after the procedure

All the post-operative complications will be discussed with a surgeon before a procedure.


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