Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)05

Skin loses its elasticity with ages. Constant gravitation and a decrease of skin elasticity lead to fat cells storage on upper and lower eyelid. Loose skin causes wrinkles as well as leads to extra corrugations on the upper eyelid.  Upper and lower eyelid aging may weaken fat membrane around eyes.

Eyelid surgery has been done in order to lift skin or to remove loose skin and fatty tissue in order to improve the appearance of eyelids and to return fresh look to eyes.

The most popular reasons of performing eyelid surgery:

  • Excess skin that hides natural corrugation above upper eyelid.
  • Sagging skin that loses from upper eyelids and limits eyesight.
  • Swollen eyelids, which look like tired eyes.
  • Excess skin and tiny wrinkles on the lower eyelids.
  • Puffy eyes and dark circles under eyes.
  • Sunken lower eyelid.


A doctor performs a cut on the upper eyelid corrugation, under the lower eyelid or at the lower part of eyelashes line. As a result cuts will be invisible. In case of a sunken upper eyelid it is enough to perform a cut on the natural corrugation of the upper eyelid in order to remove excess skin and to perform a muscle lifting.

Fractional CO2 laser procedure will improve the eyelid surgery; it rejuvenates the skin around the eyes and eyebrows and soothes wrinkles. Eyelid surgery results will be noticed gradually. As swelling disappears eyelid contour and youth skin will be noticed.

As the skin improvement will be noticed gradually, the final result may be noticed within some weeks   after a surgery. Cuts will disappear in some months, and will be less visible as well. The results of eyelid surgery are long-lasting, but patient’s lifestyle could influence on the surgery results.


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