Benign skin lesions removal – laser, radio waves, surgery.

Benign skin lesions removal – laser, radio waves, surgery.

benign-growthsfig6_largeBenign skin lesions are benign growths that are situated on the skin surface. They are not penetrated into the skin and do not threaten person’s life (besides exceptional circumstances). On the other hand, benign skin lesions can cause some problems in patient’s everyday life.

Benign skin lesions removal

If benign skin lesion causes some problems, a patient should think about its removal. The main goal of our clinic is to use modern minimally invasive ways of treatment. Our doctors prefer to remove benign skin lesions by using a laser treatment or radio waves, because these ways of treatment are better than a surgery.

Who is the best candidate for minimally invasive benign skin lesions removal?

Diagnostics should be done first of all. A doctor examines types of tumors and a history background (does a growth changes its shape etc.). If the examination shows that it is a benign lesion, a patient is a good candidate for minimally invasive treatment.

If a surgeon has some hesitation that a patient has a disorder (cancer or malignant tumor), he recommends you to do some extra examinations: biopsy and histological analysis (tissue analysis that allows to identify a type of  tumor,  is it malignant and ect.).

Fortunately, the most skin lesions are benign and they do not cause problems as to a surgeon as to a patient.


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