Neck lift

imagesWhat is it a neck lift?
A neck lift is a surgical procedure that decreases signs of aging on the chin and on the neck. Signs of aging:

  • Excess fat and skin laxity
  • Excess fat under chin
  • Excess fat in the neck
  • Noticeable muscles in the neck

Reasons of face contouring loss: genetic background, gravitation, stress and pollution.   Причины потери контура лица могут быть связаны с многими факторами: наследственность, гравитация, стресс и влияние окружающей среды.
If sunken skin makes you appear exhausted and unhealthy, the neck lift is the best procedure to avid this problem.

When a neck lift will not help to improve appearance?

As we cope with a reconstructive surgery procedure, a neck lifting does not change the appearance fundamentally as well as this procedure cannot stop aging process.
The best results will be noticed by using neck lift surgery, non-surgical methods of neck lifting are not effective enough, but thanks to them a surgery intervention could be postponed.

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