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Innovative medical technologies are used in our clinic for diagnostics and treatment. Most of the procedures are performed in outpatient conditions with minimal discomfort for a patient and sometimes the procedures are performed even without incisions.

Minimally invasive intervention is the main principle while choosing a surgery type and the method of treatment. It means that our equipment and methods of treatment reduce to minimal traumas after a procedure, activate the rehabilitation period, and reduce postsurgical discomfort and ache as well.
Our goal is to release our patients from problems as soon as possible, avoiding pain and complications.

Our communication policy with a patient is a supreme sociability and informativeness. We would like our patients will be aware of a problem they have, be aware of our help; also patients should know which difficulties and complications may appear while solving their problems.

In order to be professionally developed, find and work out new methods of treatment and new technologies, our doctors upgrade their skills all over the world, providing to patients the best service.

We appreciate our patients’ health and time and do our best in order to help you to rehabilitate after the procedure as soon as possible. We would like our patient turn to everyday activity at the earliest moment without pain and discomfort.

Reception telephone 601 0194
Contact us by e-mail
Location Narva mnt. 31, Tallinn
Working hours E-R 09:00-17:00

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