Face lipofilling or fat transfer

Face lipofilling or fat transferlipofilling-facial-e1415106340444
The loss of skin elasticity is a sing of ageing, metabolism changes lead to skin structure change, muscle tonus decrease and soft tissues shrank. The impression of  sunken cheeks and sunken eyes could appearin case of  changes in face  hypodermis.

Traditionally a surgical incision is used to restore skin elasticity, all kinds of fillers and injections are used in case of  loosing volume of the skin. The use of artificial intradermal fillers lead to many problems and, in our opinion, it  does not make any sense.

Lipofilling is an altermative way to cope with the skin elasticity. The effectiveness of lipoffiling  has been proved  within last decades, thus this method of treatment is quite popular and safe in case of restoring loss of face volume.  Fat is suctioned from excess fat areas of the body, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

The main disadvantage of this method is that not all  transferred fat cells will assimilate into a new area and a little volume lost will be noticed for  the first six weeks. After six week period the result therefore lasts a lifetime.

Face lipofilling – what can I expect?images-6
the procedure is performed under  the local anesthesia and lasts for 30-60 minutes. A surgeon will examine you and explain you all the facts before a procedure. Treatment stages will be documented by photos of treated area. The procedure is started with a sterilization of treated area. Analgetic injection is penetrated into the skin and then anaesthetised liquid is added. Fat for transplantation is suctioned from the excess fat tissue. The rocedure is performed under anesthesia.

Are there any risks?
The procedure itself  seems to be not  risky, but, unfortunately, esthetic surgery is not a science. Sometimes when a surgen and a patient are not satisfied with the result, the procedure will be performed once more.

After the procedure
A patient will feel discomfort  after anesthesia, but it leaves you within some hours.  Swelling and skin thickening can occur  within some days after the prosedure. Bruises can occur as well. Asymmetry  can occur because of  swelling, but it will disappear within some time.

Are there any scars left after lipofilling?
Holes from puncture needle are left on the skin after procedure, but  they are invisible.

How much timedoes it take for rehabilitation?
Most part of the patients can turn to their dailylife within first days after the procedure.  When swelling  disappears a patient should  visit a doctor to discuss the procedure  results. We do not reccommend physical activity within first 2 weeks after the procedure.

Lifetime results
During transplantation from 50 to 70% of translanted cells stay alive as a result a little volume lost will be noticed for  the first six weeks. Sometimes the procedure should be performed once more. Nevertheless, cells are combined with blood flow and function like all the other fat cells of the body. Thus the result lasts for lifetime.

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