Ear surgery (also known as otoplasty)

04Ear surgery (also known as otoplasty) is a cosmetic surgery of the ear that alters the size, position or proportion of the ears. The procedure helps to correct as inborn defects of ears as defects that has been appeared after some trauma.  The most popular ear surgery is an everted ears removal.


If your ears stick out prominently, you need surgical methods of treatment in order to create external ear lines or to decrease auricular cartilage. Sometimes a combination of two methods is needed to get a desired result. Incisions have been done on the back side of the ear in order to make them less invisible.
In case of overly large ears, the front side of the ear can be incised. In this case incisions have been made in inconspicuous locations.

Incisions and cuts are closed by an inner suture in order to strengthen the cartilage to keep the natural shape of external ear.

Otoplasty results have been seen at once within the healing process. All the incisions will be hidden either in the back of your ear or within inner folds of your ear.

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