Reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction surgery

Reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction surgery

Women’s breast size depends on many factors: genetic background, weight, hormones influence.some patients feel discomfort because of the excess breast size in juvenile period, after breast feeding or during menopause  because of the hormone application.

Large breast size may cause the backache, neckache, under the breast skin problems; large breast size influence on self-esteem and cause some confusion.
as the breast is a sexual part of the body, the excess breast size may cause an additional male attention that may cause psychological stress. Women with a large breast size complain about: it is difficult to find suitable clothes that suts them, it is difficult to do any sport, particularry in summer months.


More traditional inverted T-scar technique

breastreduction1What can be done?

Reduction mammoplasty  – a surgery when the excess fat and skin are removed as a result breast forms and its placement are changed.  The procedure helps to reduce the breast’s size and helps to avoid problems connected with the excess breast size.

Different surgical approaches are used to change the breast’s forms and its size. But all of them have been performed by doing an incision around the areola. Each method has got as advantages as disadvantages. You may choose a suitable method of surgery and the cicatrice placement in cooperation with a surgeon.

The surgery has been also performed in order to correct breast asymmetry, if other methods (such as lipofilling, liposuction etc.) were ineffective or their results were unsatisfactory.

What are the surgery results?

Scars are placed in a way that they cannot be seen under the clothes, under bikini and a bra as well (except some types of bikini and bras). The cicatrices have been disappeared within one month period, the red colour of the scars become less visible. In spite of the fact that scars are inevitable, their aesthetic look varies from patient to patient. Some scars are thin and almost invisible, some of them can be larger and more visible, and it depends on patient’s skin types and on the reconstructive process of the body.

Most of the patients consider that having scars after surgery is not a problem; more problems may have been while having an excess breast. Breast feeding can be difficult after the surgery. Breast reduction procedure is not a precaution for pregnancy, but a patient should take into consideration the following fact before planning a maternity

Nipple sensitivity will be reduced after the surgery, as nerve terminals will be injured.

Is the surgery result everlasting?
If a surgery has been done in an age period, when breast growth has been stopped, the surgery result is everlasting. The breast size increases if a person gains weight or during the pregnancy. If a person loses weight, the breast size decreases. As natural breast as an operated one as a result becomes pendulous. These changes can be solved for some time by wearing a well fitting bra.

What should be taken in consideration before a surgery?
The desired result should be discussed with a surgeon. Most of the patients would like the breast will be reduced as much as possible, in this case as he breast forms as aesthetic beauty will be disturbed. A little breast asymmetry may be kept after a surgery. But it will be less that before the surgery. A person should take in mind that breast are not fully symmetrical «they are not twins».

What are the risks?
Every surgery that is performed under general anaesthesia may cause pneumonia, especially smokers may face it. A little risk of thrombosis may appear, in case of women who take contraceptives. After surgery bleeding may seldom appear that may cause a repeated surgery or blood transfusion.

Microbes may cause an infection of a skin wound. The infection can be treated by antibiotics, but it may influence on breast healing and on cicatrice look as well. In this case an extra treatment may be needed. Turn to you surgeon if you notice some discharge from nipples.

Scars may need a repeated treatment in case of large and pendulous breast. Healing processes are damaged in case of smokers.  There is no any data that breast reduction procedure may cause cancer.

What should be done before a surgery?

If a patient has got excess weight, a surgeon advises you to lose it. If you take birth control pills, a surgeon may recommend you to use other methods of contraception. Smoking decreases healing processes, smoking cessation is recommended   by doctors.

How is a surgery performed?
A surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. A patient will feel discomfort within two or three days after anaesthesia. Drainage is often used after the surgery; it helps to heal tissues through drains that will be removed lately. A patient may be left in our clinic for some days after the surgery.

Stitches will be removed (if it is needed) within 10-14 days after the surgery.
A patient will feel some tiredness after a surgical intervention within 4-6 weeks. It is a normal condition of the body that is appeared during the healing process.

A well fitting bra should be worn after the surgery. The final breast size, because of the swelling, will be noticed in two weeks after the surgery.


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