Breast augmentation with fat transplantation

Estmedica Clinic cope with fat transplantation, corrects breast asymmetry, breast forms and other postsurgical problems or inborn errors.

Lipofilling has been used since 1895 by surgeon, but the treatment results differ from chosen method of treatment and patient’s personal characteristics. Lipofilling allows to use fat transplantation to breast (other parts of the body as well) after mastectomy and lumpectomy. Also it is considered to be the implants alternative.

Fat tissue transplantation has more advantages than implants:
Substance that is used for breast reconstruction is patient’s own fat, which is the most natural material.
Enthetic material is not used during the breast reconstruction, there is no risk of allergy.
Fat is taken from fatty body areas and it is transplanted into breast.
Small cannulas have been done, which does not leave any scars.
The breast looks naturally and it is natural by touch as well.

Areas, where fat will be taken from and where it will be transplanted, will be discussed with the patient before procedure. It helps the patient control the treatment, because the procedure itself includes the areas that have been discussed before.

Fat removal and purification
Excessive fat should be removed from the area, where it has been collected, in order to be transplanted into mammary. This is the main part of the procedure, because our goal is to delete the fat in such a way that the patient’s figure will be more attractive. Fat tissue collection is done by general anesthesia.

Fat for selective transplantation
Fat is filtered and washed to remove unneeded elements (oil, water, blood cells etc.). Different types of fat are used in order to get the result that looks naturally at the end of the procedure. This is the main aspect for successful transplantation.

Breast augmentation by using different fat firmness for transplantation
Concentrated fat is used to form an attractive breast. Small amount of fat is injected into selected areas in order to change breast form and size. Holes for fat injections are located around the areola or breast wrinkle. 3D model of targeted breast form is needed in order to locate fat tissue correctly.

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