Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

An increase in the size of male breast tissue is called gynecomastia. It is common to men and boys at different developmental stages and it is connected with the medical condition. An increase of breast glands is common in case of gynecomastia. Breast looks like increased in size in case of pseudo-gynecomastia.

Minimally invasive surgery as a method of gynecomastia
A very small cut in nipple area has been done in case of minimally invasive surgery. If the breast contains the excessive amount of fat, it is removed by liposuction. Then the adenoid tissue removal has been done through the small cut. The main advantage of the following procedure is a little incision that cannot be distinguished afterwards.

The present method suits only for some patients, who do not need serious surgical intervention.
The combination of laser lipolysis and vibrating liposuction PAL is used for the excessive fat removal. As a result excessive fat and adenoid tissue of chest muscle are removed from a breast surface tissue.

Laser breast reduction
Laser breast reduction is an effective treatment; the excessive adenoid tissue and fat are melted by SmartLipoMPX laser. The present method of treatment does not need a surgical cut, little hole about 3-4mm has been done in order to inject the laser into the skin.

Innovative technologies, based on SmartLipoMPX, afford to carry on less traumatic fat removal and adenoid tissue removal, as well as later skin removal and skin stretch.

SmartLipoMPX procedure suits for patients with excessive fat tissue of mammary gland. SmartLipoMPX in combination with and PAL-liposuction is effective even if there is some adenoid tissue in breast fat tissue. Little cuts and laser, which remove excessive fat, are used in laser liposuction.

SmartLipoMPX in combination with and PAL-liposuction or without it is a modern treatment method of gynecomastia. It reduces the appearance of swellings and traumas; lifts skin ad shortens the recovery process after the treatment. Some days are needed for recovery. SmartLipoMPX procedure may be done without general anaesthesia.

Breast reduction using vibration assisted liposuction PAL
Vibration assisted liposuction PAL is less invasive method of treatment that is used for the excessive fat removal from breast and armpits area. A little cut 2-3mm has been done during the procedure, where through the excessive fat is deleted from breast area. The present procedure may replace the breast reduction surgery and only small and invisible scars are left after it.

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