Breast Augmentation

3d_simulation1Breast Augmentation with fat transfer or Breast Augmentation with implants

Breast augmentation procedure allows changing the breast shape and size with implants or with patients’ own fat transplantation. The combination of two methods of treatment can be used as well.

According to women’s desires to change a breast form, to augment breast or to restore body balance, the most popular aesthetic surgery procedure has got a long history.

When breast augmentation should be considered?

  • If you a person wants to improve body proportion or to get your shape right.
  • If pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss or age change your breast form.
  • If you would like the clothes fit well.
  • To restore asymmetry.

The Pros and cons  of breast augmentation:


  • Breast augmentation is a procedure with a long lasting effect of an ideal  shape
  • An augmented breast looks more feminine
  • Young shape


  • Implants need constant control
  • Sometimes implants should be replaced
  • Usual risks that may appear after surgery

A patient has to take in mind all the cons before a procedure. if a patient has got some questions, please turn to a surgeon..

Who is a suitable candidate for breast augmentation?
The main reasons of performing breast augmentation procedure:

  • You consider the breast is too small
  • You feel discomfort w hile wearing bikini, low dress or form-fitting garments
  • Breast forms have been changed after childbirth or after breast feeding
  • Breast forms and breast size have been changed after weight loss
  • Breast differs by a form and by size
  • Aging changes

If you do not have any health problems, you are a possitive person, your expectations are realistic, You are a suitable candidate for  breast augmentation treatment.

Procedure :
How is the procedure performed?


A surgeon will perform an incision to place implants as well as to raise breast tissues. A sugreon also will do a pocket in the breast, where the chosen by you implant will be fixed.

Lipofilling — breast augmentation with patient’s own fat  tissue

Breast augmentation can also be performed by using patient’s own fat tissues. The excess fat has been usually harvested from  belly,  hips and etc.  by a surgeon. Later the fat  will be filtered and added to the breast.

Combined method
The combination of two methods can be used in order to get the desired result after performing a procedure

Where implants are fixed?


Some aspects are considered while choosing where the implant should be placed. Implants placement will depend on your anatomy, on your surgeon’s recommendation as well as on you decisions. The most widespread implants placements are:

Under the breast muscle that is situated between the mammary gland tissue and the chest wall. Under the mammary gland tissue and above the chest wall.

Every implants placement has as advantages as disadvantages. The most suitable option will be chosen for you by a surgeon and You as well.

What are the augmentation options and types of implants?

Silicone implants, which are filled with a sterile physiological saline. There are standard size implants and implants that may be filled during the surgery; it allows regulating the size and the placement of the implants.

Silicone implants that are filled with soft elastic gel are accepted in any types and shapes. Cohesive silicone gel implants are made of silicone molecule that makes them staff and solid in comparison with ordinary implants. Silicone molecules save the better forms.

During autologues fat tissue transplantation a surgeon harvests the fat from the excess fat areas (belly, hips, buttocs) with a liposuction.  Later the fat injected into the breast.

All the methods mentioned above can be combined in order to get best aesthetic results. All the options will be discussed with a surgeon.

Your body shape and your preferences help you and a surgeon to choose:

  • The best surgical approach
  • The suitable breast size
  • The type of implantsand the place of incisions

Factors that influence on breast size and the breast augmentation techniques:

  • Your clinical record
  • Your final goal
  • Your present body weight
  • Breast forms and its tissue
  • Your breast size

The surgeon’s and the staff’s  goal is to help you to get the best results after the treatment, as well as to do this surgery as comfortable and easy for you as possible.

How do the incision’s traces and scars look like?breast-augmentation-incisions
Incisions can be performed in three different places:

  • Under the breast, a little bit higher than an inframammary line
  • In the underarm area, in the place, where an arm in connected with a breast
  • Periareolar incision that is performed around a nipple

Is breast augmentation a safe procedure?
A patient should know that implants may need a replacement in spite of the fact that implants could be worn for a long time. After the implants will be placed, a patient should visit a surgeon in some period of time.

Breast augmentation procedure is considered to be a safe one according to medical associations and societies. Surgery society constantly develops new methods of breast augmentation as well as improves the old ones. Ask your surgeon for additional information.

First consultation
Cosmetic goals will be discussed during the first procedure. A surgeon will evaluate are you a suitable candidate for breast augmentation procedure, will explain you what will be changed after the surgery. Your goals, health, the alternative methods will be discussed as well.

During the consultation a clinical record will be discussed:

  • History of surgery
  • Diseases
  • Allergic reaction on take medication
  • The reasons of the treatment that has been done before
  • Are there the breast cancer and the ovarian cancer among family members?
  • Mammography results (if the has been done before)

A surgeon examines mammary glands, measures and takes a photo of the breast for your medical card (anonymously).

A surgeon will discuss:

  • The present breast size and breast forms
  • The desired breast size and breast forms
  • The condition and the size of mammary gland tissue
  • Your skin health
  • The size and the placement of a nipple and areola as well

In case of pendulous breast the mastopexy procedure or breast lift surgery may be needed in order to get satisfying results.

If you plan to lose weight, you should say it to surgeon. A surgeon may advise you to normalize your weight before performing a procedure.

If you plan to become pregnant, discuss it with a surgeon. Breast forms can be changed during pregnancy, this fact may influence on the result of breast augmentation. There are no any arguments that the breast augmentation procedure can influence on pregnancy and breast feeding, but if you have any questions discuss them with a surgeon.

Treatment plan
A surgeon exchanges the information and recommendation with you:

  • About surgery method and the combination of methods
  • The result that should be expected
  • The cost of the procedure
  • Possible risks and complications
  • Types of anaesthesia
  • What will be needed during the preparation to a surgery
  • What a patient should expect after a surgery

Questions that should be asked:

We make a list of questions in order to help you:

  • Take a grounded decision about the procedure itself
  • Read as much information as you can before a first consultation
  • Discuss your possibilities, potential results and risks

Be active during the consultation time. A list of recommended questios:

  • Am I a suitable candidate for breast augmentation procedure?
  • Are my expectations realistic and justified?
  • Do you plan to combine two methods of treatment during a surgery?
  • Will implants be fixed under the muscles or above them?
  • Are the scars visible? Where?
  • Which type of implants suits me?
  • Which type of anaesthesia suits me?
  • The cost of a surgery?
  • The period of rehabilitation. When can I start doing physical activity?
  • How many surgeries should I have because of implants?
  • Risks and complications connected with a surgery?
  • How to cope with complications?
  • What kind of possibilities are there, if the surgery result does not coincide with a desired one?
  • How will the breast look like, if the implants will be removed?

Is the procedure result long lasting?

The result of breast augmentation is usually long lasting. An implant should be replaced in case of leakage. Implants should be constantly under the control.
Factors that influence on breast forms and size:

  • Childbirth
  • Aging
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Hormonal factors
  • Gravitation

A repeated procedure may be performed in some years if you are not satisfied with its result. The implants will be replaced during it.. Continue to cope with your surgeon.

The constant control of implants should be performed to provide safety.  If you  notice some changes do not afraid of calling your surgeon and come to a consultation as well.

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