Nail and foot fungus treatment

Fungus is a widespread fungal unfection that is common to, appoximately, 10% of population in developed counries. Fungal infection may lead to pain in toes and ancle, repeated bacterial infections and ulsers. Fungal infection may lead to lower limb amputation in case of diabetic patients.

Two methods of treatment have been used for a long time for to treat fungal infection. Local treatment using different types of creams, unctures and polishes as well as systemic treatment and pills.

Local treatment medicines are easily used  but the main disadvantage of it is a long lasting treatment period (up to one year) and they are quite ineffectivein case of patents who have progressive fungus disease.

Systemic treatment, so called pills treatment (terbinafine etc.), is more effective (in 60-70% cases) than local treatment. Treatment period is shorter (min. 3 months) as well. The main problem of systemic treatment is medicine side effects. Liver suffers from this type of treatment.

We recommend our patients to treat fungus disease using modern laser therapy. The method has proved its effectiveness, quickness and comfort for a patient. Laser therapy is popular method of treatment around the world.

Laser therapy advantages are high effectiveness, absence of side effects and implications.

The period of treatment is minimally consists of 4-5 procedures that is held within 1-3 weeks. Repeated doctor’s control should be done in 3months. If the infection does not disappear , an extra treatment course will be assigned in order to remove the infection.


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