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haamerWhat is hammer toes?
Hummer toes are a deformity of the second, third and the fourth on foot.  A hammer toe occurs when the middle joint becomes dislocated. A hammer toe condition is treatable at the very beggining. If the problem of a hammer toe is advansed, the surgical intervention is needed.

What causes a hammer toe to form?
Wearing shoes that do not properly fit is the main reason of hammer toe appearance. Tightened ligaments or tendons in the foot also causes a hammer toe. In order to straighten and bend toes muscles should work simultaneously.If one muscle is harder, a toe stays in a crooked position for a long time, as a result the muscle becomes tough and a toe cannot be straightened.

Narrow top shoes looks nice on your feet, but such shoes constrict toes so that toes stay in a bent position. Toes rub on an inside part of shoes,as a result blisters are appeared that makes the problem more complicating.

While wearing high heeled shoes  a leg is pushed down,  toes are bumped into the shoes top and  bend.  As a result muscles become tough and loose their ability to stretch toes, even when the shoes are taken off.


Conservative treatment of hammer toes stars with the choice of right shoes (soft shoes with a roomy top). Shoes should be 1-1,2 cm longer than your first toe (most people have the second toe longer than the first one). Avoid wearing narrow high-heeled shoes. Wear wide shoes in order not to hurt a toe. A doctor could reccomend you some exersices that should be done at home in order to restore toe movability. For example, you may tension toes by hands or pick up small objects from the floor by toes. Also, while watching TV or reading a book, a towel may be put under toes and be crumpled.

A doctor could also recommend you corrective insoles and shoes pads in order to calm down the symptoms. Consult a doctor berofe self-treatment.

The most commonly asked questions.
is a surgery an alternative methor of treatment?
if a conservative treatment has not been successful or it is too late to treat in a such way, hammer toes may be treated with a help of surgery.

A surgery is usually held by local anesthesia, it is so called outpatient surgery, when a patient does not need to stay overnight in a hospital. The type of surgery depends on the deformation depth. Leg redness, swelling and a little immovability may appear after the procedure. A patient can walk right away after the procedure, but he or she should avoid the long walk.

 Could hammer toes appear after surgery again?
Hammer toes could appear after surgery again, if the reasons that cause hammer toes stay unchangeable (see a para what causes a hammer toe to form). Surgery may be needed in case of hammer toe reoccuring.

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS)istock_000029121394_small2
Estmedica Clinic is used modern minimally invasive technologies to treat hammer toes. A cut has been done through small hole 0,5-0,7cm in diameter, a plaster bandage or implants location is not needed after the treatment.

Short period of recovery. A surgeon gives you more detailed information about the treatment during the consultation.


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