Varicose veins („spider veins“) or telangiectasia

Telangiectasia – small blue or red vessels which can be formed anywhere in the body, but they are more often located in theleg, face, breast and belly area.

It seemsto be like a short lines that remind „spider veins“. These „spiders“ arecalled telangiectasia in medicine.

Attention! Leg telangiectasia is a sign of serious disease, the veins shows venous disfunction. Before the treatment, our surgeons check leg veins with a help of ultrasound testing in order to exlude veins pathology.

Reoccuring varicose veins and other side effects may appear in case of deep veins as well as in case of their igoration.

Is it dangerous to have varicose veins?
Varicose veins itself are notdangerous, but treir appearance points on venous system serious disfunction and in the future the disfunction may cause some complications. If there area lot og varicose veins on thelegs, westrongly reccomend to do leg ultrasound testing in order to to find out venous problems at the very beginning.
Telangiectasia may cause a discomfort and disconfidence.

Which spider veins treatment methods are used in our clinic?
Our clinic is used a following methods:
Sklerotherapy ( is done by ultrasound testing). Special astringent medicine is injected into veins that closes varicose veins inside.
During varicose veins treatment laser enters into the skin and locks veins without damaging the skin.
Thin needles are used for locking veins, radiowave energy reaches capillary tubes and locks them.
All the three methods have proved their effectiveness. Nevertheless, each of them has as advantages as disadvanges. The choice of the treatment will depend on the place of telangiectasia, veins size and diameter as well as it depends on your and your doctor´s preference.

Planning the procedure, all the advantages and disadvantages should be discussed with the surgeon.

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