Laser hair removal

If you are not happy shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair or you have got inflammatory reaction, laser hair removal may be an option worth considering. Laser hair removal is safe and comfortable way to remove unwanted hair. It helps to prevent or to decrease skin irritation that appears during most of the hair removal procedures. An astonishing result is quaranteed.

As laser influences on hair growth stages, 5-7 procedures should be performed in order to get the final result. Nevertheless, the result has been seen after the first procedure.

Laser hair removal areas
A specially designed laser for hair removal can be used in the following body parts:

  • Spinal column
  • Bikini
  • Breast
  • Face, especially upper lip and chin
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Leg
  • Abdomen
  • Others


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