Hands. Varicose veins treatment

Hand skin becomes thinner with ages, a subcutaneous fat layer, which hides veins, decreases.
Veins become more visible during physical activity or on hot days/ at a high temperature.

These factors lead to distended veins in the wrist area.

Non – invasive varicose veins treatment:

  • Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy method does not need a surgical intervention. A special medication, under ultra sound testing system, is injected into affected veins. As a result a vein “sticks” and becomes invisible.

The advantages of a procedure:

  • There is no anesthesia.
  • Outpatient procedure.
  • Painless method.
  • Low-cost procedure.

The disadvantages of a procedure:

  • Compression gloves or bandage should be worn, acoording to doctor’s recommendation, within 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • Up to 3 treatment sessions may be performed in order to get the desired results.
  • The results of treatment will be noticed after a while.
  • Veins could appear again after a time.

Ablation and surgical vein removal

If sclerotherapy method does not suit you, others minimally invasive methods of treatment, such as laser ablation, endovenous radiofrequency vein ablation and microphlebectomy, can be used in order to solve the problem. All three methods are more effective than sclerotherapy. There is no need to wear compression gloves. It is unlikely that veins appear again. More detailed information about these procedures can be found in our website:

Endovenous ablation

Is it safe to remove hand veins?
Visible veins are functional ones, they delivers blood from hands to heart. Varicose veins, which mostly appear in legs area,  appear very seldom on hands.

There are a lot of deep and superficial veins on hands. Visible superficial veins can be safely removed without any risks and complications.

A small swelling and redness in finger area can appear within 2 weeks after a surgery, but it disappear in a time.

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