”Brazilian Butts”

Estmedica clinic can help you to achieve the perfect derrière, whether you wish for sensual curves or peachy smooth skin. Buttocks lift with own fat transfer, mini invasive “Brazilian Butts”.

What is the Brazilian Butt lift?
Brazilian Butt Lift or Buttock augmentation with your own fat is a approach to add fullness, projection and shape to the under projected or flat buttock area. In recent years the Brazilian Butt Lift has become more and more popular. It is said that Jennifer Lopez has done for the rear end what Pamela Anderson has done for the front end.
Having a shapely bottom can make a significant difference to the overall body contour. Round, high buttocks can make the waist and thighs look smaller and make the rest of the torso look more proportioned.

Benefits of “Brazilian Butts” – fat grafting to the buttocks
The filling material used is your own fat – a completely natural substance
There will be no foreign objects, no allergic reactions or slipping implants
Fat is liposuctioned from areas of excess and is then injected into the needed area, improving the overall body shape.
The buttocks can be sculpted and shaped according the patient’s wishes
The only skin punctures used are minimal and do not leave visible scars
Considerably less discomfort compared to implants
The buttocks will look and feel completely natural

The procedure:

On the day of the procedure, the donor and graft sites will be marked on your skin. This allows you control over the procedure, as only the areas that you agree to be marked will be operated upon, and helps you to understand where we are removing fatty tissue and how we are placing it into your buttocks to create the sensual shape you have been dreaming of.

Harvesting & Refinement
The procedure for buttock augmentation with fat involves first harvesting fat from the body. Some women have enough fat in one location (outer thighs or love handles), which makes removal much simpler. Removing fat from these areas and inserting to the buttocks can also create a dramatic improvement of body proportions.
Some women have had liposuction to their outer thighs and love handles, or simply do not have enough fat in one area. In that case, we consider numerous areas for harvesting (abdomen, flanks, inner thighs, knees, calves, arms, et cetera). Obviously, this is an important part of the procedure, and we will want to design the removal so that your body shape is enhanced and problems are avoided.
When a large volume of fat tissue needs to be removed, we usually perform the procedure under general anesthesia, for smaller procedures, we use local anesthesia with sedation.

Grading the fat for selective placement
After the fat is harvested, we refine and concentrate the fatty tissue using a centrifuge to remove the unwanted components (oil, water, blood cells, etc.). We use the graded densities of the fat to obtain different effects. This is one of the keys to successful fat grafting.

Sculpting while layering in the graded fat
We use concentrated fat tissue to sculpt the buttocks. The desired curves are created by injecting small amounts of fat to different layers of fat and muscle. This allows us to minimize fat resorption and achieve a smooth, voluptuous buttock with no irregular places showing through the skin.

After the procedure
The buttocks lift is performed as a outpatient surgery. Similar as with Smartlipo patients can resume regular activities 2-3 days after the procedure. After buttock enhancement fat grafting is complete, compression garments is needed (for a period of several days to a 3-4 weeks), which support your new shape and contours and minimize swelling. The residual soreness and swelling of the treated area, will diminish in the weeks following the surgery. Some butt lift patients need to wear a compression garment beneath their regular clothes for a brief length of time during their recovery. You will be prescribed antibiotics and pain medication for several days subsequent to the treatment, and will likely need to take approximately two weeks off from work. After a little bit longer, you should be able to engage in more strenuous activity again.

Your surgeon may instruct you to be mindful of how you are sitting in the weeks after your butt augmentation procedure; however, each patient’s guidelines are different, and your personalized post-operative instructions will be reviewed with you during your pre-op visits.

The results buttocks lift can last for 20 years or more, however because it s a part of your body the implanted fat will adapt and evolve with the changes of your weight.

Laser resurfacing for the buttocks area
Sometimes in is not the shape of their buttocks, that bothers our patients but the skin texture. Most common problems are laxity, pigmentary changes of the skin and various scars (e.g. acne scars or stretch marks). In these cases we have achieved best results with Fractional CO2 resurfacing.

Laser resurfacing with Fractional CO2 laser
Skin resurfacing is a cosmetic or medical procedure used to treat damaged outer layers of skin and promoting the growth of new healthy tissue. The Ablative Fractional laser creates deep, narrow columns of coagulation in the epidermis and dermis. This triggers a restorative natural healing process that creates healthy new tissue, including the deposition of new collagen. During the procedure stretch marks, scars, liver spots, freckles, lentigo and aging spots are removed, and the underlying collagen is stimulated. It can achieve skin tightening and contraction.

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