Ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy

Foam sclerotherapy is a relatively new invasive method in treating veins. While, so called, liquid sclerotherapy 05treatment (that is called sclerotherapy) has been used for some decades. Sclerotherapy is a procedure, the main idea of which is to inject a special drug that constricts veins. Scars are healed and disappeared in some months. Foam is produced by mixing the oxygen with the liquid. It should look like shaving foam. The fluid is injected directly into varicose veins. Blood is pushed out from a vein and sclerosant foam reacts on veins walls. Foam sclerotherapy is quite effective method of closing veins. The appearance of blood clots and pigmentation is minimal while using foam sclerotherapy treatment.

Any varicose veins phases may be treated by foam sclerotherapy. Although the procedure is quite effective itself, it has some contradictions. Sometimes more than one treatment session is needed to achieve agoal.

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