Radiofrequency ablation or Rafaelo procedure is based on thermocoagulation. Hemorrhoidal tissue is warmed up during the procedure thus it leads to necrosis and dropout of the hemorrhoidal tumors. During radiofrequency ablation, which is held under local anesthesia, a doctor enters a special probe to a hemorrhoidal tumor. Radiofrequency energy impulses coagulate hemorrhoidal tumors and block blood vessels that nitrify them.

As a probe is quite small and isolated, it affects only inset area thus the procedure is practically painless and safe with a short-time recovery period. Treatment session takes only 15- 20 minutes.

The procedure itself is painless. It is easy to take care after the procedure, so patients quickly return to everyday life.

Rafaelo procedure:
Minimal discomfort during the procedure
Almost painless
Lack of bleeding or minimal bleeding
Quick return to everyday life

Procedure is held in community setting, there is no need of hospitalization (“Come yourself”, “Leave yourself”)

Pricing (approximate price)  
Haemorrhoids RF – treatment or Rafaelo procedure  
1st procedure 800€
2nd procedure 300€
Repeat procedure, if necessary 200€
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